5 Best Free Places to Advertise Cars for Sale


If you want to advertise cars for sale then do you know where to put your advertisement for best results? There are lots of places where you can advertise your car these days, below are just a few of the most popular ways.

Classified ads online. This is a really good choice and getting more popular by the day. Advertising on classified ads websites like Used Cars is easy to do and most of them allow you to post one or more pictures which can be great for selling cars. Being an online classified ad service, this usually means you can spread your ad far wider than your immediate area. This often means attracting buyers from further away who may otherwise not have found your car. Most of these classified ads websites are free too. Advertise your car for FREE

Auction websites. These are a popular choice for online selling, especially if you have cars for sale. You can post pictures and make a really good advertisement then watch the bids come rolling in. You will probably have to pay for the listing of the advertisement, but most of them only charge a small fee.

Magazines. While this option might be a little bit more expensive, they're still a great place to advertise if you have vehicles for sale. Most of these magazines have websites too and you can post your vehicles for sale online instead of submitting the ad to the magazine via snail mail.

Local newspaper. Most people think of this as the 'tried and tested' option when you have cars for sale or indeed you have anything you want to sell. Unfortunately this can get expensive when you pay for multiple ads, but you get a great deal of local coverage.

Word of mouth. This is by far the best and cheapest method if you have cars for sale. It doesn't cost a penny, but it limits you to only those people in your circle of friends

These 5 recommendations are only a few of the places where you can advertise your cars for sale but there are others. Why not check these out next time you are selling vehicles, they could generate a sale quicker than you think.

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