5 Best Places to Post Free Ads


Are you looking for places to Post Free Ads? Do you own a business or service that you want the everyone to know about and want free advertising? Are you wondering where and how to advertise for free online? Following are few simple steps you can follow to learn, where and how to post Free Ads.

Post Free Ads on Free Local Classifieds. There are lots of free classified ads where you can post free ads. Some popular classifieds like khrido.com, Used Victoria and craigslist.com get indexed by search engines pretty fast, making your listing reach the targeted traffic easily.

Free postings on blogs. Create a blog and link back to your business or website. Blogger and Wordpress offer free blog accounts and are very easy to create and manage.

Post on Community Forums. Search relevant community forums, associated with your business niche area. Make sure to continue making useful posts where other members can benefit from your contributions.

Post on article writing sites. Write articles and link back to your website. Writing articles is like free advertising where you are telling your readers something useful they were searching about on the internet. You can also talk about how your products or services can be beneficial to them.

Post on Free Press Release sites. Write a professional press release about your services. Send it to different free press release services. Chances are it might get picked up by some popular PR site, giving your service good amount of audience.