Go Green with these Recycling Tips


If you are looking to go green, incorporating some recycling tips into your daily schedule is a perfect way for starters. Although recycling items does take energy, it uses far less than creating new items from scratch. And you'd be surprised at just how much can be recycled!

What Can You Recycle?

The good news is that just about anything can be recycled if you do some research into how it's possible. For a start, set aside all glass, paper, metal and plastic and do not throw it out with the regular trash. You should also avoid putting things like electronics, computers, cell phones, batteries, CDs and so on into the trash - these are a little harder to recycle but it's still possible. Alternatively you can sell them using local classified sites and earn extra cash.

Often the best place to start finding recycling tips for the above items is to contact the relevant body in your local area. Your local government website will usually have a whole range of recycling links letting you know where to recycle each item. If you have to drive a distance to get to the recycling center, try to save items to take all together to save on gas.

Start Recycling Food

Statistics state that as much of a third of all the food we buy ends up getting wasted! For a start, you should try to avoid this by planning your meals more carefully and only buying what you really need. This will take a little while as you'll need to get used to what you really need to eat.

Unfortunately there will still be waste, no matter how careful we are. One of the best recycling tips is to turn food waste into compost. This will not only stop the food from going into a landfill, but it's also a great basis for eventually growing your own food!

Donating Items

When you've got things you no longer want, but are still in useable condition, then one of the best recycling tips is to donate these items to charity. This is a form of recycling thanks to the fact that someone else will be getting new use out of one of your old items. You'll keep them out of the landfill and do a good deed in the process!

Definitely consider these recycling tips if you are looking to be more green. In the end, it is all about reducing your waste and getting the very most out of materials as possible.

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